Welcome to the Wasenhof herb centre!

-experience nature with all your senses-

The herb centre is a unique combination of nature adventure, plant variety and a direct and indirect relation to the processing and use of our local treasures as for example natural products like products made from wild plants or medical plants and their direct use in different relaxation techniques (for example herbal oil massages).

The Wellness farm is devided into three sections:

  • the herb farm
  • the masseur's practice
  • the herb school with seminars and events all about medical plants

The seminars are held in German language,
group organized events in English language upon demand.

Christine Pommerer is a certified aroma therapist, has a master housekeeping diploma, is a nutrition specialist, herb educator and head of the Wasenhof herb centre.
Since 1980 she has been collecting medical plants in her own farmhouse garden and since 1984 she has been holding seminars in the field of medical plants.

The Wasenhof is about 50 km northeast of Stuttgart , on the country road going from Murrhardt to the little village of Grab , between Trauzenbach and Frankenweiler, on a small connecting road leading to Hohenbrach, at the Wasenhaus (part of the town of Großerlach/Grab).

For further information please do not hesitate to contact us!

Kräuterzentrum Wasenhof
ChrisTine Pommerer
Heidenbühlweg 11
71577 Großerlach – Wasenhaus
Tel 0049 7192 207 69

In 2006 Kräuterzentrum Wasenhof has been supported by:

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Kräuterzentrum Wasenhof